The Polygraph Examiner is a licensed, certified forensic law
enforcement polygraph examiner, who has been conducting
examinations for over twenty-two years. The Polygraph
Examiner is a retired Pennsylvania State Police Polygraph
Examiner and Polygraph Unit Supervisor.  The Polygraph
Examiner has conducted over 4000 polygraph examinations,
which included examinations for homicide, rape, sexual
assault, child sexual assault, robbery, burglary, kidnapping,
simple assault, arson, aggravated assault, thefts, forgery,
missing persons, domestic violence, violations of the uniform
firearms act, veracity of an informant's statement, false reports
to law enforcement officers, drug violations, criminal mischief,
hit and run crashes, police applicant screening, personal injury
cases, and sporting event or competitions.

The Polygraph Examiner is based out of Columbia County
(Berwick / Bloomsburg area), but will travel anywhere in the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Polygraph Examiner is a member of the National
Polygraph Association, American Polygraph Association,
American Association of Police Polygraphists, Pennsylvania
Polygraph Examiners Association, Maryland Polygraph
Association, and the American Society for Testing and

The Polygraph Examiner has exceeded the standards set by
The American Association of Police Polygraphists and has
been classified as a Certified Forensic Law Enforcement
Polygraph Examiner.